What is an Inner Peace Infusion?

Imagine water that is level and calm, reflective like glass with no ripples.

Inner peace is like this flat undisturbed water.

But life inevitable creates ripples, right?!

How do we learn how to achieve inner peace with all of life’s ripples?

During your Inner Peace Infusion you will learn prayers for forgiveness, peace, and unity. When you schedule time to practice forgiveness, peace, and unity you will create a well inside of you. Learn how to fill up that well with God’s Healing, Loving Energy.

Scheduling time for an Inner Peace Infusion is my secret that I would like to share with you. Inner Peace Infusions are a time to talk about what is stressing you out, release that energy, and open to a higher perspective.

We all need to receive Inner Peace Infusions on a weekly basis.

Are you ready to receive an Inner Peace Infusion?

Learn how to be the peace as you cultivate peace within.

Contribute to a more peaceful world.

Schedule your Inner Peace Infusion now, so you can feel calm, relaxed, and reflect the Divine Light into the world.

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