Doorway to the Light

Healing Your Heart and Soul

“Do You Think That You Are a Small Star, While the Whole Universe is Contained Within you?”

~Sidi al-Jamal

“If everything around you seems dark, look again, you may be the light.”

~ Rumi

Find Your Heart Again, it is the Doorway to the Light

Step inside the doorway in your heart.  It will connect you to love, mercy, peace,
compassion, and patience.

This doorway will take you into your soul, and to your true Divine Essence. It is the doorway to connecting and experiencing the spirits of the Prophets, angels, saints, and your holy Divine self.

Going through this doorway will heal the places where you have carried sadness, to be replaced by love. The Divine light will help the places where you have carried fear to be filled with safety and trust. 

It will help your life to be richer and fuller. 

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”

~ Rumi

The Treasure Within

You can feel less overwhelmed, stressed, and frustrated. 

Experience inner peace and the Divine Reality.

Become more loving and merciful to yourself and others.

There is help for your anxiety, depression, and grief. There is relief from physical pain and disease.

Stay more centered and balanced.

Be protected from the increasing darker energies on earth.

At the deepest level, everything you have ever needed lies within like a buried treasure.

“I looked in temples, churches, and mosques.

But I found the Divine in my heart.”

~ Rumi

The Highest Light

Have more happiness and ease in your life.

The Light from the One Source will transform your life through this non-denominational form of heart-centered meditation that brings into you the highest light of love and mercy.

“Don’t knock on the doors of ordinary houses.

Your arms are long enough to reach the door of heaven.”

~ Rumi

Receive the Light

Learn the foundational teachings to aligning, accessing, feeling and receiving the blessings that can start coming your way. Learn to open to and receive the light.

The light that emanates from the Divine Reality will provide you with the deep peace, stillness, calm, and a new ability to live in an easier, more beautiful way.

Become the light amid the darkness of this world.

Become the Light

Everything you need is in the Divine Light.

This light heals the wounds of your heart, your soul and your spirit.

Let the doors open to accessing the truth from a higher reality, the truth that you are loved and safe.

The medicine of deep peace and relaxation is always available to you in every moment.

Give yourself the gift.

I welcome you to join me on this beautiful journey to improving your life. 

What is Spiritual Healing?

Sufi Spiritual Healing is getting to the underlying core of our physical diseases, our emotional wounds, and beliefs, and discovering where we went off course in our relationship to the Highest Divine Source. This form of healing offers you the deepest level of healing possible, given through gentle softness and mercy. Gain the understanding of the lesson offered to you in love, so that you may learn and grow. 

Receive a new way of being as your old unhealthy patterns wash away and transform through Divine light. Embrace a new reality of feeling more peace, love, mercy, compassion, and much more.

How You Can Benefit From the Help Rabia Offers to You

Have a Life That is Transformed in Richness Fullness and Greater Blessings.

Have Old Issues and Beliefs, even the Ones That Cause Disease be Healed .

Receive the Deepest Level of Healing Possible, That Gets to the Core, and Heals From the Soul, Through All Levels of Your Being and Through to Your Lineage.

Rabia Will Help You to Gain an Understanding of the Deeper Meaning of the Lesson Offered to You in Love, so That You May Learn, Grow, Evolve and Heal.

She Will Help You to Have Every Need That You Ever Had To Be Filled From The Divine. 

Have Your Hardships and  Struggles Lightened. 

Embrace and Live From a New Reality of Feeling More Peace, Love, Mercy and Kindness Within.

Allow The Light to Come in and Fill You and Heal You. This is What Every Human Heart Needs. 

All While You are Being Held in Love by the Highest Source and by Healer and Teacher       Rabia Jamila Elijah

Start by Scheduling a Private Healing Session or Group Healing With Rabia to Begin Receiving More Blesssings in Your Life.

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Spiritual Healing Through Love
Healing Your Heart And Soul


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