Acupressure with the Divine Names

Healing Your Heart and Soul

Receive Better Health, Balance and Healing Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually Through This Group Class

“The cure for the pain, is in the pain.”

~ Rumi

Learn More about Acupressure

Acupuncture points and the meridians (the channels that the energy travels in) affect our emotions, our state of mind, the physical functioning of our body, and the spirit.

Conditions like insomnia, anxiety, sadness, grief, headaches, and digestive issues are a few examples of conditions treated.

Each energy channel and their points have different and multiple functions. They treat different conditions, and they affect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels  of our being. 

Each acupuncture point has an energetic nature. 

There are 12 main meridians and 2 extra meridians, with more than 365 points on the body.

Each week, we will choose a different meridian or pair of meridians

Treat the Points With Divine Energy

By learning how to align with the Divine in our heart and sending the energy out of our hands and fingers, we can send the Divine energy of the attributes into the acupuncture/acupressure points to give them a Divine Energy treatment.

Treating the points in this way, can be very powerful. 

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

~ rumi

Unblock Stagnant Energy for Greater Health

Releasing stagnation and blocked energy helps us to heal and helps to deepen the Sufi energy healings you receive.

Experience using the Divine Names of God – such as peace, mercy, love, compassion, and more with the acupuncture points to unblock stagnant energy and to provide deep healing and health.

Special prayers will also be used to move the energy and to restore it to a balanced state.

With Divine Love Healing Happens

For those who are not familiar with the Divine names of God, when the Divine names are repeated in your heart, you begin to feel the Divine light and energy of the name. Bringing in the Divine name of love is different than bringing in the energy of human love, for example.

“Your heart knows the way.
Run in that direction.”

~ Rumi

Find the Points Easily

No experience is necessary in finding the points. I have  practiced acupuncture since 2001 and will walk you through and show you on slides. Even sending the energy into area surrounding a point makes a big difference.

Sacred Sounds

Using any sacred language to do this will bring in the energy. (English is not one of the 7 sacred languages- such as Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, Latin, Sanskrit, and Greek.

All religions acknowledge that sacred sound carries sacred light, sacred geometries, and sacred meanings.

Receive better health, balance, and healing through this class.

Group Healing Class on Zoom

This is a group class. Each week we will focus on a different energy channel (meridian), points and attributes to treat the whole person. Contact me at to receive more information.


Thankfulness from people for how this work has made a difference in their life.


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