Balancing the Outer with the Inner

What does it mean to achieve balance?

It is much easier said than done, but I want to share a secret with you. Balance comes from having awareness of the outer and the inner. The inner is your consciousness when you look inwards. And the outer is your awareness when you look out at the physical world. Our inner awareness is our spiritual awareness. As we look inwards we are greeted by a loving healing energy. That loving healing energy is God. We all have Divine Light within. Every single human being is holy and created on purpose. Sufi Meditation is a chanting meditation that teaches us how to clarify our inner awareness. Singing and chanting heal the nervous system. As we chant, the vibration of the holy words clears our hearts from the metaphorical fog that covers over our Divine Awareness. The more we chant, the more clarity we receive, the move love we feel, and the more calm we experience.

If you are looking inwards and feeling murky, I understand, because I have been there. Sufi Meditation taught me how to clear the fog and find that pure light. When you look within you can gain clarity on your purpose, which gives life meaning.

When we set our intention to heal from the inside out, we balance our outer and inner. Are you ready to look inwards to find more clarity and balance? Schedule your Spiritual Healing session with Sara Jamila now.

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