Lineage Healing

Healing Your Heart and Soul

Lineage Healings are an Incredibly Powerful Way to Free Energetic Cords and Heal Negative Patterns For Yourself, For Your Ancestors, and For Your Children, and Create a Ripple of Healing for Generations to Come.

“You are not a drop in the ocean.

You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

~ Rumi

Create a Ripple of Healing

Lineage healings are an incredibly powerful way to free energetic cords and heal negative patterns for yourself, for your ancestors, and for your children, and create a ripple of healing for generations to come.

Release Unhealthy Patterns

Do you feel that you have lived with unhealthy patterns and cycles in your life long enough?

Many of our unhealthy patterns and beliefs have been carried through the DNA and passed to us through our ancestors.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

~ Rumi


Release the energetic cords that have held them in place.


Connect with the deep spirituality and wisdom that lives within your lineage and connect with your roots.


Healing the deeper issues caused by our emotions and beliefs, including the family line or ancestry, can lead to miraculous results.

“Your heart knows the way.
Run in that direction.”

~ Rumi

Purify Your Heart

Find the places that need clearing and re-establish them in Divine light.

Purification and beautification by Divine Light, releases the energetic cords that have held them in place and deeply heals.

To Know Freedom

These healings bring in an incredible amount of reciprocal love that frees our ancestors from their suffering and is deeply needed by the previous generations. They are an act of holy service to others, as well as freeing ourselves.

Sharing my own personal experience...

I have personally found that these healings are an incredible act of love that frees our ancestors from their suffering as well as deeply healing ourselves. After doing a lineage healing on myself, I felt my ancestors surrounding me and sending me incredible love and gratefulness. It was so beautiful, and I was so touched by it, I literally broke down and cried.

Benefits of Lineage Healings

• Make peace with your past.

• Release negative energy, anger, fear, and shame towards your family’s past.

• End the cycle in your family that has caused suffering.

• Heal wounds, patterns, and trauma — both personally and ancestrally — that other modalities of healing do not address.

• Release unhealthy relationship dynamics, for good.

•When you heal yourself, by extension, you heal your family, your ancestors, and your relationships.

• Connect with the deep spirituality and wisdom that lives within your lineage.

• Let go of ancient negative patterns tied to your childhood, parents and ancestors so you can thrive!

Reclaim the Power of Your roots

At some point in all lineages, a soul will be born that decides to bring healing to their ancestors. If you are here, this beautiful soul is you and now is the time.

Reclaim the power of your roots and allow the healing work you do to ripple through your entire lineage to touch your ancestors and descendants.

These healings are offered as private sessions and also as group healings.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Sufi Spiritual Healing is getting to the underlying core of our physical diseases, our emotional wounds, and beliefs, and discovering where we went off course in our relationship to the Highest Divine Source. This form of healing offers you the deepest level of healing possible, given through gentle softness and mercy. Gain the understanding of the lesson offered to you in love, so that you may learn and grow. 

Receive a new way of being as your old unhealthy patterns wash away and transform through Divine light. Embrace a new reality of feeling more peace, love, mercy, compassion, and much more.

How You Can Benefit From the Help Rabia Offers to You

Have a Life That is Transformed in Richness Fullness and Greater Blessings.

Have Old Issues and Beliefs, even the Ones That Cause Disease be Healed .

Receive the Deepest Level of Healing Possible, That Gets to the Core, and Heals From the Soul, Through All Levels of Your Being and Through to Your Lineage.

Rabia Will Help You to Gain an Understanding of the Deeper Meaning of the Lesson Offered to You in Love, so That You May Learn, Grow, Evolve and Heal.

She Will Help You to Have Every Need That You Ever Had To Be Filled From The Divine. 

Have Your Hardships and  Struggles Lightened. 

Embrace and Live From a New Reality of Feeling More Peace, Love, Mercy and Kindness Within.

Allow The Light to Come in and Fill You and Heal You. This is What Every Human Heart Needs. 

All While You are Being Held in Love by the Highest Source and by Healer and Teacher       Rabia Jamila Elijah

Start by Scheduling a Private Healing Session or Group Healing With Rabia to Begin Receiving More Blesssings in Your Life.

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Spiritual Healing Through Love
Healing Your Heart And Soul


Thankfulness from people for how this work has made a difference in their life.


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