3 Keys for a Loving Relationship

There are 3 Keys for a Loving Relationship.

The first key is having a loving relationship with God. The second key is having a loving relationship with yourself. The third key is having loving relationships with your fellow human beings.

When we have a relationship with the Divine we are connected to the Source of Love. The Source of Love is unconditional, forgiving, merciful and kind. We can learn so much from the ways that God loves us.

Having a loving relationship with ourselves requires honesty.

Is your inner dialogue kind?

Do you forgive yourself when you make mistakes?

Are you able to attend to your daily self care needs?

When we establish loving relationships with God and ourselves, the third key, having loving relationships with people is much easier, but not always perfect.

Don’t expect people to be perfect. Learning forgiveness is a life long lesson. As we embrace forgiveness and kindness we understand relationships with other people are built on those values.

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