Receiving Higher Guidance

Taught as a Group Class

Would you like to access the highest guidance that always has your best good behind it.

When you follow this voice it brings deep peace, ease, and joy into your life..

“I have been a seeker and I still am,

but I stopped asking the books and the stars.

I started listening to the teaching of my soul.”

~ Rumi

Listening to the Voices

Are you living from your mind and listening to the voices in your head? Negative voices from your mind may have you believing:

“I am not good enough”
“I am not lovable”
“I am not seen” or “I am not heard.”

These beliefs affect your mood, your performance, your relationship with yourself and others.

Are you aware of what voice you are listening to and following- what voice is running your life?

Without even being aware of them, these voices dictate the choices you make and either lead you to joy and freedom or they bring you into pain and unhappiness. 

Or are you listening to the voice that speaks lovingly, the voice of higher guidance?

The Highest Guidance

The Divine Presence is speaking to you in every moment.

It offers you the highest guidance. Your highest good is always behind it.

It leads you to a loving new life and reality, bringing you deep peace, inner joy, and ease.

It provides you with wisdom that is beyond what your mind can perceive or figure out.

It eases anxiety and depression, bringing you  peace, trust, and safety in your life.

You will begin to know the right course of action and the right choices to make.

Loving Life Lessons

Learn to discern the voices that have been running your life and are not in your best interest to follow- the ones you are usually listening to and following without even realizing it.

These beliefs and the associated voices come from deep within the subconscious.

The voices form from false beliefs that you have taken on as truth,  believing in them.

They veil the light and what is in your highest good.

Beloved, look with the Eye of the heart and do not look back. Understand with the ear of the Hearing of God. Listen with God, that your hearing may be merged with the hearing of God. See with God and His name will come to you. Then you will hear with the ear of God and see with the eye of God. 

~From the Book “Music of the Soul” by Sidi Muhammad al Jamal, 

Follow the Voice of the One Source

There are always trials in life so that you can learn and grow.

The voice of the One Source will lead you to the path of least resistance and greatest ease.

Through your highest guidance come to understand the purpose of the life lessons you have received for your life.


Learn Ways to Deal With the Other Voices

Learn about the voices and gain a deeper understanding of what is going on inside that you may not have been in awareness of.

Learn ways of working with them to clear them.


“Receiving Higher Guidance” is Taught as a Group Class. 

Please contact me to find out times and days when it will be offered.


Thankfulness from people for how this work has made a difference in their life.


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